Plan your perfect garden for Summer 2018

If you really want to plan your perfect garden for 2018, you should be thinking about your ideas and vision for the project right now. There’s nothing worse than sitting in your garden in the Summer, wishing you’d somehow made it a more inviting and enjoyable space. You had loads of ideas, but you kept putting them off, and then all of a sudden it was sunny outside! The British sunshine can be so fickle and fleeting, by the time most people start thinking about their garden redesign, it’s usually too late… for that year anyway.

The overall project spec should be thoroughly explored and honed down during the run up the end of the year. Once January’s enthusiasm kicks in, the plans should be agreed upon and quick to sign off. The significant structural works can then be efficiently completed from January through to March, leaving you with the perfect garden space for Spring!

Keep disruption to a minimum

Completing most of the work during the cold months also keeps the disruption to you and your neighbours to a minimum. Most gardens have very few visitors at this time of year, so we can really get stuck into the heavy stuff with fewer restrictions. But don’t just take our word for it, have a look at this article from HouseBeautiful, explaining why you should plan a garden redesign in Winter.

Unfortunately, most people leave it too late to start thinking about a garden redesign. They inevitably rush through some emergency tasks before the Summer’s over. What they’re left with are usually shoddy or unfinished works, which end up being replaced or refitted the following year.

By the time the best weather comes around your garden should already be perfect. Leaving you and your loved ones to simply soak up every last drop of Summer. Let us help you plan your perfect garden for 2018, give us a call or send us a message to book in a free, no-obligation visit.