Gabion Baskets

william Garden Design

One of our favourite garden design trends of the last couple of years, gabion baskets are large wire wire frame structures that are filled with a local stone. They can be made to to more or less any size and shape imaginable, and can be filled with a specific stone or recycled material of your choosing.

Multiple gabion baskets can also be linked together to form terracing, retaining walls, private areas or raised flower beds. Some clients have also opted to have their gabion baskets enhanced with hidden LED lights, which creates a magnificent effect in the Summer evenings when you’re entertaining guests.

Examples of Gabion Baskets

Once assembled the gabion baskets can be rendered and painted, tiled or adorned in any number of ways. Our personal preference is to use the gabions to create sturdy and self contained planting areas. Not only do the heavy duty materials in the gabion bring a striking contrast to the garden plants inside, they can also protect your favourite shrubs from crazy kids, footballs and other unexpected forms of garden traffic!

The versatile and modular nature of their construction has made the gabion a popular addition for gardens large and small. If you’re intrigued by how your garden could be enhanced using this technique, don’t hesitate to give us a call.