Hydroponics & Urban Garden

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Hydroponics is simply the production of crops without the use of soil. It is proved to have several advantages over soil gardening: growth rate on a hydroponic plant is 30-50 percent faster than a soil plant and the yield of the plant is greater. The extra oxygen in the hydroponic growing mediums helps to stimulate root growth. Plants with ample oxygen in the root system also absorb nutrients faster.

The nutrients in a hydroponic system are mixed with the water and sent directly to the root system therefore the plant does not have to search in the soil for the nutrients that it requires. The hydroponic plant requires very little energy to find and break down food. The plant then uses this saved energy to grow faster and to produce more fruit.

Hydroponic plants also have fewer problems with bug infestations, fungus and disease. In general, plants grown hydroponically are healthier and happier plants. Shay Lindsay Landscapes are able to work alongside clients to design and build there perfect, bespoke hydroponics garden, whether inside (urban) or outside. We supply training on the hydroponics system and/or a maintenance schedule can be organized with us.