Patios & Concreting Garden Design

Patios are an extension of your sociable living space and we offer various styles, materials and finishes. We use only the highest quality materials from trusted suppliers and our patios are built on the most important thing: a strong foundation. Using a geo-textile membrane for added strength and compacted layers of type-1 road-stone, the thickness of the sub-base is decided once the patio usage and the type of ground in the area has been established.

All concrete work is carried out including:

  • Foundations
  • Shed bases
  • Garage floors
  • Sub-bases and reinforcing

What Sets us Apart from our Competitors?
Something we’ve noticed is not a standard process among our local competitors is the use of a bonded bridge. Bond bridges are an elaborate form of adhesive which ensures the paving elements are well and truly stuck to the laying course. This increases the overall quality of the installation and, as you would expect, helps the patio stay in the correct position for many years to come.

The bonding bridge is also very useful technique for ensuring elements such as wall copings, pier caps and step treads remain in the right place and don’t become loose.

At Shay Lindsay Landscapes, we ensure that the highest quality bonding bridge is used on every patio we install. We want to give you the highest quality results, and help you sure you’re enjoying your patio area for decades.

From standard brick built garden walls to traditional dry stone walling, we are able to build any desired height, length and shape walls. Click here to read more about our walling and brickwork. We are also able to build fire-pits and pizza ovens!